Course Syllabus Sample


CLA 343, Summer 2012

Schedule of Lectures

 Assigned texts drawn from the following sources:

• Hunt, D. Footprints in Cyprus. 1994.
• Renfrow, C and P. Bahn. 2004. Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice.
Toumazou, M.K., Kardulias, P.N., and Counts, D.B. 2012.

Crossroads and Boundaries: The Archaeology of Past and Present in the Malloura Valley, Cyprus. Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research 65. Boston: American Schools of Oriental Research.

Week #1

Monday, June 4    
Site Tour at Malloura
Crossroads and Boundaries, ch. 4

Tuesday, June 5  
Cyprus Museum Tour/CAARI Orientation (Nicosia)
Lecture: Archaeological Concepts and Theory (Kardulias)                                                     Reading: Renfrew/Bahn, Intro. (pp. 8-10);  chaps. 1-2 (pp. 12-59) and 5 (pp. 143)

Wednesday, June 6  
Archaeological Survey, Mapping, and GIS (Kardulias)                                                      Reading: Renfrew/Bahn, chaps. 3 (pp. 61-91) and Crossroads and Boundaries, ch. 7

Thursday, June 7   
Archaeological Dating (Kardulias)
Reading: Renfrew/Bahn, chap. 4

Friday, June 8  
Methods of Excavation and Stratigraphy
Data Preservation/Recording (Counts)
Reading: Renfrew/Bahn, chap. 3 (pp. 92-103) and Crossroads and Boundaries, ch. 6

Sunday, June 10
Trip: Khirokitia, Kalavassos-Tenta, and Kalavasos-AD (with excavator, Allison South)

Week #2

Tuesday, June 12
Introduction to Bioarchaeology (Nathan Harper)
Reading: Renfrew/Bahn, chaps. 6 (pp. 201-204) and 8 and Crossroads and Boundaries, chs. 19, 20

Wednesday, June 13   
Lithic Technology (Kardulias)
Reading: Renfrew/Bahn, chap. 7 (pp. 208-211) and Crossroads and Boundaries, ch. 8

Friday, June 15 
Cyprus from the Neolithic to Late Bronze Age (Toumazou)
Reading, Hunt, pp. 1-46

Saturday, June 16
CAARI Symposium (Nicosia)
Day-long workshop highlighting archaeological work on the island at CAARI.

Sunday, June 17
Trip: Kourion and Kolossi

Week #3

Tuesday, June 19
Cyprus in the Geometric Period (Averett)
Reading, Hunt, pp. 47-64

Wednesday, June 20
Cyprus in the Archaic Period (Counts)
Reading: Hunt, pp. 65-83

Thursday, June 21
Workshop on Cypriote Mosaics (George Kepolas, Athienou)
Browse comments on Roman mosaics, in Hunt, pp. 110-135

Friday, June 22
Cyprus in the Classical Period (Toumazou)
Reading: Hunt, pp. 84-97

Sunday, June 24
Trip: Paphos, St. Neophytos Monastery, Petra tou Rhomiou

Week #4

Tuesday, June 26     
The Geology of Cyprus (Dr. Giannakis Panayides, Cyprus Geological Service)
Reading: Renfrew/Bahn, chaps. 6 (pp. 173-177) and Crossroads and Boundaries, ch. 2

Wednesday, June 27
Faunal Remains (Dr. David Reese, Peabody Museum, Yale)
Reading: Renfrew/Bahn, chap. 6 (esp. pp. 185-187; 195-199) and Crossroads and Boundaries, ch. 18


Week # 5

Tuesday, July 3
The Archaeometallurgy of Cyprus (Prof. Vasiliki Kassianidou, University of Cyprus)
Reading: Renfrew/Bahn, chap. 7 (pp. 214-228)

Wednesday, July 4            Independence Day!

Thursday, July 5
Cyprus in the Hellenistic/Roman Periods (Gordon)
Reading: Hunt, pp. 98-135

Friday, July 6
Cyprus in the Byzantine, Frankish and Venetian Period (Toumazou)
Reading: Hunt, pp. 136-225 and Crossroads and Boundaries, chs. 16, 17

Sunday, July 8
Trip: Asinou, Kakopetria, St. Nicholas of the Roof, and Kykko Monastery

Week #6

Monday, July 9
Trip: Old Nicosia
Cyprus from the Ottoman to Modern Periods
Reading: Hunt, pp. 226-294

Thursday, July 12  
Whose Past? Ethics and Archaeology (Toumazou, Counts, Gordon)
Reading: Renfrew/Bahn, chap. 3 (pp. 92-103) and Crossroads and Boundaries, ch. 27
Additional Readings:

Friday, July 13                      READING DAY

Saturday, July 14                 FINAL EXAM (self-scheduled; 3 hr. max)


Research Paper. Students will be expected to undertake an independent research project on a topic related to a particular aspect of the project’s research at Malloura. The papers should be 10-12 pages in length.  The final due date for submitting the research paper will be Monday, July 30.  However, we strongly encourage students to finish their papers prior to their departure from Cyprus.